Component holders

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000023025MFI-A04* CLAMP with tightening element, d10 mm, long, with screws
0000063090MFI-A06* CLAMP with tightening element, d14 mm, long, with screws
0000051349MFI-A07* CLAMP with tightening element, d20 mm, long, with screws
0000063091MFI-A08* CLAMP with tightening element, d30 mm, long, with screws
0000063095MFI-A117* CLAMP, D12.5 mm, long, with screws
0000063096MFI-A121* CLAMP, d10.5 mm, short, with screws
0000063097MFI-A122* CLAMP, d12.5 mm, short, with screws
0000063103MFI-A151* EXTENSION with air duct, d14 mm, long, G1/8
0000063104MFI-A155* EXTENSION with air duct, d10 mm, long, M5
0000063105MFI-A156* CLAMP for cross-fixing, d10 mm, with screws
0000063120MFI-A250* CLAMP with angular slot, d10 mm, with screws
0000060717MFI-A251* CLAMP with angular slot, d14 mm, with screws
0000063121MFI-A252* CLAMP with angular slot, d20 mm, with screws
0000063122MFI-A253* CLAMP with angular slot, d30 mm, with screws
0000063127MFI-A314* CLAMP for fixing AA/SGP-40S gripper, with screws
0000063128MFI-A315* CLAMP for fixing SGP-32S gripper, with screws